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Check List for Air Pressure Testing

  • All windows & external doors must be installed,¬†glazed and closed.
  • Mechanical ventilation systems will need to be temporarily sealed during the test.
  • Passive ventilation systems including trickle vents will need to be closed (and under Part L 2010, also temporarily sealed) during the test.
  • All walls/floors/ceilings must be completed.
  • All skirting boards, electrical sockets and light switches, kitchen unit(s) and bathroom suites must be fitted (where relevant).
  • Dwellings/Units should be empty and tidy.
  • No trades should be working in the dwellings during the tests.
  • Loft hatches/eaves cupboards should be fitted and draft stripped.
  • Mastic sealant should be completed to doors¬†frames, windows, skirting and services penetrating the fabric of the building.
  • Please ensure central heating is switched off prior to tests as large differences between internal/external temperatures can affect the
  • test.
  • Drainage traps should be filled with water.
  • Standard test equipment fits openings up to 1000mm x 2400mm; the front/back door to the property would usually be used.
Home Air Pressure Testing Check List for Air Pressure Testing